We like this mod a lot. Yes, we mean the Deluxe Reverb OT. The triode halves sound really good as well, definitely a worthwhile setup! Therefore, you don’t as much “gain” to drive the tank, but you need to source more current than what you can get from a 12ax7 to do it. The Oxfords have gotten a bad rumor, not rightfully deserved in our opinion.

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I think the T has the balls for a reverb driver, and also has the headroom, partly due to lower gain, for a driver stage. The tremolo circuit bleeds the guitar audio signal to ground by a light dependant resistor LDR in the opto-isolator or opto-coupler, often called the ‘roach’ because it looks like a bug. Aug 22, 1.

The Intensity control right in schematic above shifts the balance between Bias Power Output and the modulated tremolo voltage. The circuit is built on 3. I have a Silkyn Super Jul 20, 5.

The ground rveerb is easy available if you disable the power supply wires and death cap. Just wondering if there is a NOS upgrade that would make it sound better.

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The negative feedback loop can easily be tweaked to alter the treble cut and distortion in your amp. Half of the tube is ued to drive the reverb and the other half is used as make-up. Maybe that will tell you something. The reverb pans listed below have insulated inputs. They seemed to have a wider dynamic frequency response as well.


Add Reverb & Tremolo

I was somewhat confused by the high voltage at 12AX7 plate I have around V there but after I did some measurements it turns out that the driver part draws 2mA of current. I know it’s a matter of taste but for my needs the reverb sounds OK. Timbre WolfAug 22, The circuit operates by wavering the power tube bias voltage which alters the volume of their output.

The whole dynamic area can be within a narrow interval, i.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Much of this is due to an unefficient phase inverter circuit design.

Reverb and Driver tube: 12AT7 or 12AX7?

You should experiment with different cap values. Since we mostly play our PR with distortion we like darker sounding speakers. So does the reverb. It could’ve been a placebo effect but I could’ve swore I got a longer reverb tail when I tried the NOS in that position.

The dry signal bypasses this circuit through the ‘tap circuit’ made up of the paralleled 3. Note how the volt power tube bias revern is used as the oscillator tube’s grid leak to jump start the tremolo oscillation when the foot switch is closed turned on.


The time now is Use 12ax77 ground switch or foot pedal to make the NBF switchable.

Reverb & Tremolo

Here’s an excellent youtube demo by 60Hz Hum. If you need a bigger amp on stage, go ahead reading below.

Yes, my password is: We all know that speakers change their tonal character during age. You must first remove all existing wires to the external speaker jack so that it is totally separated from the main speaker jack.

There are some errors in the schematic I posted, there should be a k grid leak for the gain stage after the tank, and the anode resistor rsverb k, not k