Would someone review this and tell me if I’m on the right track or not please? To answer your question, yes I did. Instead of typing in the hardware ID, I copied and pasted it into the. Thank you so much for sharing. All I did next was right click and update driver from the same folder that I installed from on legacy. Thank you very much. I did learn something about driver editing though so it was not a complete waste of time trying to get the other one to work.

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There are a few lines in the dvsjs. Glad to be of assistance!

XP drivers for Adaptec AHA-2940 S6 SCSI controller?

I have this level installed on 2 Adaptec UW in 2 machines and it works fine. Thanks for your continued help on this issue! Well, you are the next best thing to the manufacturer. To answer your question, yes I did.

I’d call it a miracle! My hardware ID has four entries, which are as follows:.

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Many thanks and Regards, Robert. Apparently, WinXP bit can use the aic78u2.

Thanks for letting me know. Anyway, hats off adaphec you — thanks for making the internet a better place. Unfortunately, HP did not update the scanner driver. Finally I found a post where a guy said, another poster has posted a downloadable. This site uses cookies. I was ready to throw out everything.


Lo and behold, there were no Win7 drivers to run the card. What utility am I looking for please? I thought, people have had adatpec run into this adaaptec me. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Thank you so much for the modified driver! So really thx and i can say a lot of people need this driver!!! In any case, really appreciate the help. I believe if you go to tha Adaptec sight they have the download utility you need. This page and the instructions how to install an unsigned driver on Windows 8 at http: Here is the driver page.

I bought and downloaded Adapfec and it worked perfectly with a still perfectly good year-old scanner. Then I was able to install the driver that you and others have used djsvs.

XP pro won’t recognize Adaptec AHAUW SCSI controller | PC Review

Because of all the obstacles I encountered with the U2 card, I may just give up on it after trying a few more things. I presume I can still add the driver? Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question?


Robert, My applogies for not seeing this until now.

It suggested that I contact the manufacturer. Hi Ray I tried the U2W first, could not get it to work, I ended up purchasing the exact same card as the OP, It worked without having to modify any code. I would also try going into device manager and throwing out the scsi card, then araptec a legacy device by hand, and point it to the driver folder.

Adatec, the following section exists immediately after the above heading in both of these. Thanks for any and all help, I am trying to get an LTO2 tape drive to work so I can back up all adapte my data, to many drives failing these days, gig tape seems a reasonable solution if I could get it to work.