I hope that helps. I ran without these installed for a month without an issue, it wasn’t until I wanted to use part of AI Suite that they started showing up. Did you do a mbr or uefi gpt install? Edited by Orange Blossom, 13 November – Here’s the quote from one post: Did you format the drive and clear off the mbr before you installed windows? I never get it when it’s not running.

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I do wish it gets corrected though. Something is Not in sync Correctly.

And when this event occurs, the booste process gets locked and I have to switch off and on my PC, sometime a couple of times. Says BadDriver in Startup Repair which fails also.

I tried your route for the disc install with the error “Can’t find AsusSetup. If the driver direct from Asus works fine, which apparently you don’t need except for AI Suite, then instwll really are messing with nothing anyway unless you use AI Suite. Any news on the topic? The applications or services that hold your registry file may not function properly afterwards — DETAIL 1 user registry handle leaked from Drivers acpi driver issue?


How to Install Ai Suite 3! (For People Who Cannot install the new AI Suite 3) – Page 2

Move the jumper cap from pins default to pins Please log in to reply. Knowing ASUS wasn’t going to update there website with the latest version. So I bbooster the AsusSetup. The characteristics of this device I’ve copied below. I’ve forgotten my password. Eliminating every bug or error code is impossible. I think an Instal, would not resolve the problem.

These errors can be safely ignored untill Microsoft decides to fix those issues.

Welcome to Windows 7 Forums. Please post back with your results. Errors in Event Log do not mean that there are problems. Hi Sparax and welcome to ROG. I formatted and did the mbr all times as well.

Really could use your opinion on this

I’ve got the exact same warnings like the OP. Today I cannot boot my PC anymore. Saturday, November 19, 8: Just for kicks I performed a clean install of Windows 8. Hi Steven, thanks for dropping in. I see that the device is listed in device manager.


After rebooting run the setup again” warning when i try to uninstall or install the program. You’re right about Windows clean install having gooster as well, I was trying to narrow down a cause for the above and wound up applying to Microsoft ‘Fix It’ apps to resolve BS event entries.

Exactly, that is what i was trying to point out in my post above. As security conscious as you obviously are, I have serious doubts that you’ve infected that machine. So we still can’t explain it. I had started to go down that route before your post with some success but was then waylaid by other things.

Even a clean install of Windows will have some errors.