Can’t wait to set up my new rig. Traktor has so many features. Why carry turntables when you can have a solution just in a mixer like the Xone 3D. No problem at all for me until now. The reason is simple. Have it and love it. How much are repair costs out of warranty?

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Jeath a laptop, a mixer like the Xone 3dand external hard drive loaded with songs will do the job and even more than the turntables setup.

Traktor has so many features. Plus there is only one usb cable between the mixer and the laptop. DJ FreshflukeJun 21, As simple as that I’m able to do exactly what I wanted to do with it.

I love traktor software and after looking at Stanton Final Scratch or Serato Live I’ve decided not to buy any of these timecoded vinyl scratch amps. If you can do everything digitally with the mixer like the Xone 3d there is no point in getting turntables, etc Interested to see how it generates MIDI sync and how reliability plays out.


What makes it exceptional and worth the price? 3v it have any “common” DJing functions that are missing?

Can’t wait to set up my new rig. Your name or email address: But It will be only a matter of time and other Mixer solutions like the xone 3d will arrive soon in the market.

The only problem is that the Xone 3d is quite expensive and only 1 year warranty. Drixx, you hearh no details and I read nothing convincing me that this IS the mixer to have.

I think that this is the future. The jog wheels on the Xone 3d are enough to do the job in my opinion. I think that products like this are directed to DJs that are not very familiar with computers. I debated a lot whether to get Serato Scratch or Stanton Final Scratch, but it doesn’t seem to make sense to me because it still will be the same traditional heavy setup. No more heavy turntables to carry around.

DJ FreshflukeNov 13, Plus I want to follow traktor DJ studio because of all of the features that it has. What is it that you specifically love about it?


Allen & Heath XONE 3d Professional DJ Mixer

I might as well take it for service already There is nothing else in the market right now. You can find this year’s holiday gift right here. I own traktor and I love it but I’m still debating whether to sell my turntables and alken the Xone 3d.

How much are repair costs out of warranty? LoungeLoverJun 19, The reason is simple. Routed into my Numark.

Allen & Heath XONE:3D Four-Channel DJ Mixer XONE:3D B&H Photo

Anyone found cool custom cases for it yet? Yes, my password is: I have many questions about it, like: Honestly, I cannot see paying this much money for a mixer alone. Do you already have an account?