Jul 28, 4. I don’t like an arid, spoingy reverb, but prefer a more viscous quality that the CV can provide. Most amps use either a 12AX7 or 12AT7 for this purpose. PeterVV , Jul 29, However, the tone is not that impressive in Fender PI circuits. You must be logged in to post a comment. They’re both pretty good sounding in that application, though.

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On the other hand, in my experience of about 50 reverb tanks I heard and used, only one in three or so sounds great. Not exact, but approximate. The Mullard is in the phase inverter slot now and the amp sounds great.

I’m not sure if they’re made for those applications or not but people sell them like they’re the best thing Jul 10, 5. To me they aren’t archetypal of “Mullard” quality. At one time, current production 12AT7s were as squealy microphonic as can be.

DavidPAug 9, I must say that it was the most shrill and thin of the group. You must be logged in to post a comment.


If I do not like the reverb sound, I buy a few tanks, keep the one that sounds good an resell the others. Buy 2 and put one in the phase inverter too.

PeterVVAug 12, This one is the winner for current production tubes and beats most NOS options! Not a good buy in my opinion. It’s meant to induce a current into essentially a cheap ‘s style tonearm cartridge from an old record player and shake the “needle” which shakes a set of springs to another tonearm cartridge on the output side. This is a perfectly safe substitution to make.

V4 The 2 nd most important socket affecting the tone of channel 2. In an outboard reverb unit, quality tubes impact the overall tone quite a bit because the entire circuit is dedicated to provide reverb tone – none of the tubes are shared for preamp reverrb power.

Opinions on how the phase inverter affects tone vary. RCA 12AT7 is the tube that Fender originally used when designing, building, and selling those amps originally.

12AT7 tube shootout for guitar amp phase inverters | Andrews Amp Lab Blog

Aug 9, BobbyZAug 9, Jul 29, 8. I’ve found JJ to be ofr robust and durable, hence my recommendation for them.


Andy BJul 30, reverrb Been playing guitar for about 43 years now so I’m well beyond the stage of “impressing people with how much money you spend needlessly on your gear. Jul 11, V5 This is the least critical tube position in your amp. There’s more to playing guitar than impressing people with how much money you spend needlessly on your gear. However, Mullards tend to cost much more, and other than the PI slot, or the input stage of a standalone, I wouldn’t bother.

Printer2 suggestion is good too, but only if you want a very hifi sounding tube that helps the splash.

Fender Amp Preamp Tube Layout and recommendations

And silverface is right about the reverb recovery – use a 12AX7 there. Log in or Sign up. Do you already have an account?