First I uninstalled bcmwl-kernel-source Then installed firmware-binstaller and bfwcutter which rebuilt the wifi drivers I then had to restart. Put a in front of the line: In the command below replace drivername with the driver you want to blacklist: The drivers which are available at the compaq website for my computer did NOT work using this procedure. Now I had to find out how to re-enable it but now the problem lies somewhere else. Troubleshooting Examine the kernel ring buffer dmesg 1 to verify the required firmware files are being loaded by the driver.

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Copy the downloaded file to your home folder. I first thought I would edit Luis Alvarado’s excellent answer see his post on september 7th,because when I followed the steps, it appeared the package that is indicated in the table see his post for my PCI.


I was about to compile the driver with the source from broadcom. Remember to have a clean system bfoadcom installing it: Following Andy’s instructions, first I removed and reinstalled the Broadcom drivers with: The final solution – for my rig HP DVse was to uninstall the bcmwl-kernel-source. This includes any installations using apt-get, aptitude, synaptic, dpkg, software center or manual compilation and installation of the packages.


Make sure you have the linux-headers package that matches your current kernel version, plus the appropriate generic header packages so that they are automatically updated on a kernel upgrade.

Followed this step by step and it worked! I tried rfkill list: Install the firmware-binstaller package.

Thanks a lot this work for me. Loading firmware version But after installing firmware-binstaller which automatically brought in cutter I could get it to work, but I had to log into a terminal every time boot up oinux type in sudo modprobe b This should work well and in recent version of Ubuntu, Natty and Oneiric should “Just work”.

[SOLVED] THE beginners solution for fixing up Broadcom BCM43xx and Wireless Cards

The broadcom-sta package aims to offer linud earlier version for a given release. Find More Posts by Hangdog External Links Upstream b43 and b43legacy kernel driver http: Did steps, worked for 14e4: The section describing the procedure for bcmwl-kernel-source and the STA drivers, which you reproduce here, does not apply to every 43XX bck43 – it certainly doesn’t apply to my The drivers which are available at the compaq website for my computer did NOT work using this procedure.

In fact, my PCI. The following instructions explain how to extract the required firmware.


This forum thread may also provide some useful information: If so, which one s specifically? The b43, b43legacy, brcmsmac and wl drivers do not support any USB devices. There are dozens of Broadcom wireless cards and more seem to appear every day.

If it doesn’t work, please file a bug report as per the support article. As per the Broadcom readme file for driver version 6. Well the problem with the 43xx cards is that thier firmware bcj43 not supported by certain distros ubuntu for me in which thats the problem And yes, i was wrong, firmware isnot included with Ubuntu for liscening reason for the Broadom card.

ID you will see that in the columns for Ubuntu You could also type “sudo apt-get install ndiswrapper-utils IF you are not using ubuntu then make sure you have ndiswrapper-utils somhow installed 4 Conigure ndiswrapper Open terminal and navigate the folder where your drivers are. Firmware from userspace is required for device operation. I have a b43 card and have been using Ubuntu with it since 9.