I went down to the 9. T Putter Williams FW He did all the computer testing and profiling and found out they are different by 6 cpms and. From what I can gather based on the numerous heads and shafts backordered , is different; the I-mix system is doing well. Richardb Club Champion Dec 15, The club was rated as being 8 out of 10 for Head, shaft and grip but I think that was an underestimate as when I received it the club appeared almost brand new.

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It feels pretty loose during the waggle test, but oh so smooth on the down swing. Excellent service from Golbidder and the club was in extremely good condition considering it was used and bought through auction.

I normally play a 9. I had the unique opportunity to test them side-by-side, thanks to Frank Viola of Ace of Clubs. My only issue is the high ball flight. I went down to the 9.

Callaway FT-9 Driver Review

I do agree though that the fitting is very important because I got callzway already cut down to size and it feels great. Thanks for your knowledge, how adjustable is the club??


Joined Apr 9, Messages 2, Being a club maker I welcomed the I-mix system, i–mix it was next to impossible to pull shafts from FT-heads safely.

I like the sound of the club.

It is also longer front-to-back dropping the COG offering a lower spinning head while i-mis somewhat traditional looks. A good second hand set will get you up and running. Evesdad Tour Winner Dec 16, The thick titanium top line has been reduced and we think this is a style that will appeal to a wider audience than Callaway diehards.

Due to the slight off set at address, the club really does give you confidence that you will either hit the ball straight or with a slight draw – distance has been improved as well. I’m about 30 handicap depending, and I think this driver will shave allot off for me this year.

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Callaway FT-9 i-Mix Neutral Driver

Unlike most other composite drivers, the sound was very solid and the flight of the ball was excellent. Delivery was the following day as promised. I just picked up the game after 5 years off. Thread starter Richardb Start date Dec 14, It hit next to perfect trajectory with a mid-high ball flight that carried calladay my normal places and even sometimes beyond that.


Callaway FT-9 i-Mix Neutral Driver | Golf Monthly

The club was rated as being 8 out of 10 for Head, shaft and grip but I think that was an underestimate as when I received it the club appeared almost brand new.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Great service, club in excellent condition, better than I thought it was going to be. What impressed me most about this club was how hot the head feels. Joined Cal,away 8, Messages 9, Location Rutland. Joined Apr 6, Messages 14, Excellent value for money. Both use a Titanium cup face with a composite body. My golf has improved!!! Have a few lessons first get bedded in then if still needed buy some new shineys!!

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