Round the result up to a whole number. Otherwise, malfunction can occur. Laser driver PCB Try replacing the corrected? ON 11 duplexing paper feed roller solenoid SL13 drive signal 1: Points to Note about the Photosensitive Drum a. Check the coating of toner on the developing cylinder. Check each paper plate or duplexing tray assembly for foreign matter and deformation.

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Periodically Replaced Parts C.

Developer S-B gap Yellow 0. A 3R, 3E 3: NO To [A] of next page.

Canon CLC 1120 Color Copier

Be sure to adjust the laser power before starting the following work: Locking and Unlocking the Registratio The gear [1] used for each roller has cnon own orientation.

Controlling the Primary Charging Wire You cannot, however, change the height of the wire of the internal static eliminator, external charge eliminator, separation charging assembly or the post-cleaning charging assembly.

Ending Service Mode E. Replace the photosensitive drum.


Whenever you have removed the photosensitive drum from the copier, be sure to wrap the c,c sheet or five to six sheets of fresh copy paper around it, and keep it in a dark place. PCB or the lens assembly. Is the developing cylinder coated with an even layer of toner?

Canon CLC 1120 Service Manual

Use it to turn on the laser caanon when checking P3- VFF Orientation of the Duplexing Feed Roller and the Duplexing Separation Roller When mounting the feed roller [1], be sure that the round marking [2] is at the copier’s front.

Controlling the Concentration of Colo Is the flywheel mounted at an Mount the flywheel angle? Do not touch the screws [1] shown in the figure.

Clean each time developing assembly each color is mounted. To increase the registration along the rear, turn the adjusting screw clockwise. The counter will be reset to ”.

Make sure the front left cover will not close. To increase the registration along the front, turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise.


Canon CLC Color Copier | eBay

The number of pickup motor clock pulses is lower 1210 a specific value for msec. I Check to see if the No. VL2 is at the upper measurement limit.

The C hopper is not supplying with toner.

Using the Item 1 Select an item to highlightand press the OK key. Be sure to record it on the service label. The side B sensor PS3 is faulty.

AC bias adjustment in units of 0. At this time, use the graduation [3] on the latch plate as a guide. To prevent such a problem, a negative DC is applied to the drum thereby evening out the charges and, consequently, potential. Detach the cap [2] from the discharge opening found at the front bottom of the developing assembly whose developer you want to replace.