These were some of the best results we had seen in fact. We were already impressed by the 23″ models performance and extremely competitive price, so we are keen to see whether the same can be said about the When running, we’re drawing Even if you don’t have one, you can expect some fairly decent performance from this model. It’s ever so slightly behind the 23″ UH 0.

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Dell UH Review – TFTCentral

I’d found the 0. Office and Windows Use. Ergonomics and interface options were also very good considering the price range, and it was nice to see features like DisplayPort and the adjustments were not dropped to keep cost even lower.

Click for larger version The underside of the back of the screen offers a pretty decent range of interface options as we’ve come to expect from Dell’s high end screens. The only place the UH differs to the UH is the overall size; while you may think it’s a 22″ screen it’s actually a The above results show that the contrast ratio remains fairly stable across the range at around Laptops by Justin Jaffe Nov 27, Excellent performance from the UH ddell.

It’s just not as cool though, and what you end up with is a more functional setup versus a pretty and fiddly one. Laptops by Justin Jaffe Nov 27, These were some of the best results we had seen in fact. Being sharper does mean in games that features like Anti Aliasing 2u211h as important; at the same time that 1. Colour accuracy, black depth and contrast ratio were all excellent, even out of the box which is important to consider in this price range.


The rotate function might also be useful to some, and at this screen size I think it’s a bit more practical than on the larger screens. The only slight issues really with the screen were the questionable uniformity of the backlight, being a little darker towards the sides of the screens.

The screens ergonomics do afford you a decent range of adjustments, and the easy tilt, height and pivot functions should allow you to get a position h2211h want.

Connecting The Usb Cable; Organizing Your Cables – Dell UH User Manual [Page 32]

There was no obvious colour “tinting”, but you could see slightly darker areas towards the left and right hand edges. Overall the average contrast ratio is Black point reduces as you lower the brightness control as you would hope. Video Input Digital Video Standard. An inexpensive general-purpose monitor deserving of its popularity An inexpensive general-purpose monitor deserving of its popularity by Lori Grunin.

We’ve also got 4 USB 2. HD content looks great and gaming is also fantastic, although we do have that typical ghosting issue seen on IPS panels. Laptops by Justin Jaffe Nov 26, The uniformity of the screen was not too bad on the most part.


Dell UltraSharp U2211H

The UH is the smaller brother of the UH with a screen size of Good pixel responsiveness meaning fast moving images should be fine. On the left we have a CIE diagram with triangles representing the colour space gamut displayed by the monitor. However there are only options for ‘fill’ or ‘4: Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Image Image Aspect Ratio.

It’s worth the money if you need the gaming speed Del worth the money if you need the gaming speed by Lori Grunin.

This left hand edge was a bit darker than the rest of the screen, and the uniformity also seemed to exhibit this pattern as you reached towards the other edges, but to a slightly lesser extent.

Once calibrated, the UH remains very close to delll other models really at 0. In standby the screen uses 1. Black depth and contrast ratio are excellent and some of the best we have seen.