Also called fixed pitch, monospacing is the opposite of proportional spacing. If the paper runs out, the printer sends an NAK code hex When you switch the Macro selection from Macro 1 to Macro 2, Prestige will remain active, overriding the Courier set in Macro 2. Then snap down the tractor unit into place. Pressing and holding down the or button prints options and their current values letting you skip selection of values so that you can reach the desired option quickly. Some of the options and values will vary with the protocol. Protocol A set of instructions that control how data is transmitted between devices such as a computer and a printer.

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Digital LA30W User guide |

This function is not available for continuous forms paper that is fed by the pulltractor. They also include protocol dependent options like the character set.

Occasional cleaning and replacement of the ribbon cartridge are all that is required.

Remove the new ribbon cartridge from its package. Installing the Color Kit You can turn your monochrome printer into a color printer by installing a color digltal on the print head carriage.

Open the front cover of the printer and remove the ribbon cartridge.

Digital LA30W Cartridges

Carefully fit the mounting guide grooves of the print head on the locating studs on the carriage. The help menu provides a quick summary of how to use buttons in the Set-Up mode. This function is defined as one of the power-on initiated test functions. All at logic ground. The combination of lighted indicators shows the protocol mode selected, according to the next table.


The flowchart lists all printer Set-Up functions, options, and values. Make sure that the paper select lever located on the top left of the printer is set correctly. The Fault indicator will turn off and the printer resumes digigal. Clean the head with a soft cloth if necessary. The page is blank.

Digital LA30W

Note that the left margin is not straight. Active character la03w number 1 2: Set the cut sheet stand and the back cover to the down position. The continuous forms paper advances from the park position to the top-of-form position. Switching Macros and Digtial Features on the Control Panel When you switch from a macro to another, each modification you made using the control panel for the Top-of-Form option or the Protocol option is lost, and the values of these options stored in the new macro become active.

Options are shaded and skipped when they are not objects of selection because of the preceding option setting. To access the forms tractors w, lock the cut sheet stand e and the back cover r together and raise them in the up position. If you cannot resolve a problem, contact your dealer. Printer drivers for Windows 3. The forms tractor unit, which is removable, can be used in two different ways.


Sometimes, the control panel enables you to select features not available through your software. Set-Up mode is also inaccessible. The second table lists Normal mode operations digitsl required user response. If you intend to change a value which would be out of the permitted physical range, the actual current value will be the highest possible value considering other Set-Up dependent values and may not match the value displayed.

Centronics Interface A type of parallel digktal. When using paper-stapled multipart forms in push feed, raise the cut sheet stand e.

If the forms tractor unit is mounted at the top of the printer, it pulls paper from the digitsl or rear of the printer to the platen. Retracting many pages by using the Park button without tearing off will cause paper jams.

Raise the cut sheet stand.