In this case, it may actually make sense to considering that the class and enum seem to conceptually belong together: Any time you need a fixed set of constants. There is another way give each enum constant a different behavior for some method that avoids these problems. Solution – Challenge Student Courses. Challenge 5 – Challenge Epic Spies Assignment.

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Here is how to write a static factory that preserves the singleton property, using a nested EnumMap:.

You may be wondering fnum the real value is in limiting possibilities in your code. Lesson 59 – Creating a Database in Visual Studio.

TIF 53 – ENUM (Telephone Number Mapping): Contributions | CRTC

Here is the previous example redone using this technique:. And now you can change the data type, in the Pet class, from string to PetType: Lesson 5 – Working with Projects in Visual Studio. Lesson 14 – Working with Dates and Times.

You can give each enum constant enhm different behavior for some method. Lesson 18 – Setting a Break Point and Debugging.


[WS-ENUM] ENUM Status of US Implementation (Gary Richenaker)

If the creators of the. For example consider the planets of the solar system. Here is an example of a playing card class built atop a couple of simple enum types. The idea of adding behavior to enum constants can be taken one step further. Solution – Challenge Epic Spies Assignment. Java programming language enums are far more eum than their counterparts in other languages, which are little more than glorified integers.

Related Articles in this Tutorial: Lesson 36 – Introduction to Classes and Objects.

Lesson 53 – Working with Enumerations

Solution – Challenge Student Courses. Lesson 1 – Series Introduction.

In fact, it’s often a great thing, in that it helps you to write more robust and error-free code than would otherwise be possible. Solution – Challenge Phun With Strings.

Please login or register to add a comment. Here is a sample program that exercises the Operation class.

In addition to solving all the problems mentioned above, it allows you to add arbitrary methods and fields to an enum type, to implement arbitrary interfaces, and more. You will want to create a pet class, and capture the name of the pet, the age of the pet, and the type of pet.


For example given the following enum declaration:. Such methods are known as constant-specific methods. Now, we need to modify our references because the CharacterType enum is accessed through the Character class first.


Lesson 29 – Creating Methods with Input Parameters. Lesson 33 – Creating Names Parameters. Enumerations are used all over the place in the. They are Comparable and Serializableand the serial form is designed to withstand arbitrary changes in the enum type. Lesson 48 – Collection Initializers.

Lesson 35 – Manipulating Strings. Similarly, EnumMap is a high-performance Map implementation for use with enum keys, internally implemented as an array.