I have this question too. Dell long ago moved their consumer notebooks to this format. I was working on win 8. I just found some topics where people have problems installing drivers for their older ATI cards, and thought that maybe someone shared my problem but eventually found solution. Performance Our high-end test unit was configured with a solid set of components, including a 2. By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies. Can’t wait to try it, cause I’m pretty sure that the last time I didn’t upgrade with basic windows drivers onboard.

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T60 view straight on view larger image. By doing that, you switch to software scaling, which may result in poor quality video jagged edges in full screen mode. Mobile Intel PM Express.

There is also the deprecated experimental avivo driver which works, but does not yet support any 3D acceleration. There are many more-portable laptops on the market, even within Lenovo’s portfolio, but the ThinkPad T60 is light enough for occasional travel and movement around the office.

As you can see, the new Intel Core Duo processor smokes any previous processor at this calculation, the ThinkPad T60 and recently reviewed Acer WLMi are pretty close on processor speed times.

See pictures below for a comparison of the T60 to the T43 UltraNav layout:. Gigabit Ethernet, 56Kbps modem, Bluetooth, Message 1 of 9.


Also changed is the button look at the top of the keyboard, the Function keys F1 — F12 used to be grey in color, but with the T60 they become all black. Google Pixel XL 8. The Igm T60 stands out with its durability via choice of components, very sturdy case material and a strong protective chassis.

That should eliminate the. PCMark05 gives a good idea of overall system performance, below are comparison results for the T60 with Core 2 Ihm compared to other notebooks:.

However, Lenovo has not changed the keyboard at all, you only get more space on the sides because of this additional horizontal real estate.

The T60 14″ screen size will do much better in terms of time of battery life per cell because a smaller screen just drains less battery. Gone are the familiar red stripes on the mouse buttons and blue stripe on the scroll bar button. I’m on XP Pro right now but do have W7 installed on another comp here at home.

Overall the port selection can be called finebut could certainly be better and not up to snuff with some other similar notebooks. Z1400, you can temporarily enable hardware acceleration when watching in full screen and as long as you don’t seek you’ll be fine.

Lenovo ThinkPad T60

Although it starts to slow down when you’ve got multiple browser tabs each trying to load pages and instant messaging conversations happening concurrently, it’s certainly no slouch. Forums Knowledge Base Blogs. Lenovo ThinkPad T60 widescreen version view x1040 image.


For long, I hope. You don’t have to do anything else e. Lenovo ThinkPad Z1400 Extreme 8. I am faced with a perplexing situation that needs to be solved, and hence, I am seeking assistance to resolve I found this version to be quite stable. A similar thing happened with the X41 Tablet release.

New ThinkPad T60 and T60p notebooks feature Intel Core 2 Duo processors

As a demonstration of the processor and graphics card capability I installed Doom 3 and took it for a test run. Previous versions are also available – here. ThinkPad T60 keyboard area view larger image. Features When it comes to ports and connections, the ThinkPad T60 keeps it basic.

Does not work wirh vesa-tng at more than x A Blessed Christmas to one and all. Reflection from the screen is almost non-existent as this is a matte screen, not glossy, matte screens are more conducive to working with and staring at for long hours.

Unlike its more consumer-focused thin-and-light counterpart, the wide-screen ThinkPad Z60tthe ThinkPad T60 is built for large-enterprise business customers, incorporating a deep x140 of connectivity features but few multimedia extras.