I bought it to transfer files from work to home. It’s not worth bringing home. I have 2 of these.. Yes, this cheap little flash stick is a piece of work. Bargain electronics are a game of chance.

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So I get home with this little goober and spend ten minutes trying to pry it out of that ridiculous blister packaging.

I got it to transport pictures to be developed. Thanks for helping me. Though I have little use for such small capacity. It says it must be formatted and according to the information, Dennis June 20, at 8: I tried mine on 3 different computers and it was recognized as having only 8mg of space and wouldn’t format.

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I bought the 1 GB flash drive and it did not work, I was wondering what should I do. I can’t speak for everything that iLogic creates nor for every one of these drives. And with that use established, I figured I would write a review on it. I was standing in line at a department store the other day waiting to check out.


ILogic Flash Drive Malfunction?

Why do people say that having an actual hard drive is better than flash storage? It was a little flat black 1GB made by iLogic.

Oh, and those lovely little energy shots. It took approximately 1 minute and 46 seconds to fully transfer the file.

Art June 20, at 8: There are drie details of the Samsung Galaxy S2 that are more impressive than the others in the same price point.

Ilogic flash drive driver – Google Docs

Curt June 20, at 8: My conclusion is that for emergency backup for smaller files, this little sucker could come in handy. My wasd keys and arrow keys are switched and I was wondering how I can switch them back?

That is true, in a sense. Bargain electronics are a game of chance.

Nothing special, just a little gig flash drive with iLogic written in white down the side. I tried using two outside format programs but both failed with the same error appearing.

iLogic 1GB Flash Drive Review

I figured that I’d use it it to transfer information from home to school flaeh when I inserted it on my USB slot on my laptop; It seems to install correctly and says its ready to use but when I try to access it. Larry Wilson June 20, at 8: Many you buy are going to tell you it hasn’t passed Windows Logo testing.


Hope I can find the receipt to take it back.

This is real junk! I know I won’t trust buy iLogic again. I notice plenty of other people report this same problem. I have 2 of these.

Wayne June 20, at 8: But the one Rrive purchased happened to, and still does, work great. I got this for 5. I plugged it in and was informed ‘the software … has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify compatability with windows XP. You win some, you lose some.