Note that after you have added the new product and category by submitting the changes, you cannot execute this solution again as is. On the Connection tab of this dialog box you need to choose the provider for connecting to database and specify the connection settings. In such case, specifying the config file is not necessary. Companies refers to a public property of the CrmDemoDataContext class. Help Santa with SQL! In this tutorial it is assumed that you already have the database objects created.

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All LinqConnect operations are performed within this class’s properties and methods. The InsertOnSubmit method is created linqpac every collection in the context. After you click OK, the connection is created and you may run queries against the specified database. This makes your data access layer safer, faster, and greatly more convenient to design.

LINQ to MySQL Tutorial | LinqConnect

You can access the samples from the Start menu. Download Tx Driver Version 1. Click here for more information on the driver. The data about the contact persons was retrieved from the database automatically when you accessed the liinqpad property of the company object.


LINQPad Support in LinqConnect

Entity Developer creates classes for all selected tables that represent entities. Help Santa with SQL! Linqpsd newProduct ; context. Let’s read all the data from the table Company, sort it by CompanyID, and output some columns.

Our ORM allows both connecting to a database via a dynamic driver, using an automatically built context and entities, and via a static driver, using existing DataContext classes directly from an already built assembly with LinqConnect model classes. NET Framework – not. Add the following block of code to the method Main: Entity instances are modified as usual.

Creating Connection via Dynamic Driver When you create such a connection, a LinqConnect model is automatically generated for all tables and optionally views and stored routines in the specified connection. SubmitChanges ; Visual Basic product. However in some cases for example, when the selected assembly contains more than one LinqConnect lknqpad context classyou may need to specify the data context class name.

Just enter your Azure account details and query away!

This class is designed to be lightweight and not expensive to create, thus it is recommended to create a new DataContext instance for any ‘unit of work’ and dispose it after this unit is completed. DataContext class, which controls the connection to the database, and the whole data flow.


In the Choose a Driver dialog box click Browse.

LINQPad Supplementary Data Context Drivers

This is one of the great things about LINQ: Switch to the Connection tab, select the Use Custom connection check box and specify the connection settings on this tab. CompanyID select it; foreach Company comp in query Console. We use cookies to provide you with a mysl experience on libqpad Devart website. If it loads the connection string from the project config file, you may need to specify this file if it was not found automatically. This will be the name of the main data access class.

Everything you need is included: It also supports dynamic liqpad, client-side caching and offline operation. Now let’s see who is who in this code sample. You prepare a query and then iterate through it as you would do with a usual collection of objects.

Plain SQL queries work, too. Mindscape LightSpeed is a high performance.

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