Trying to fix a friends jukebox. You may also like. This 40 GB digital media player makes it easy for you to hook up to a laptop and manage your songs with its USB connectivity. I find that if you reset the device, this “fix” this! The player is “big” and it is UI Limits would be a cause of frustration. Posted on Tuesday, July 04, –

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Excellent Portable Music Player Overview: This player is a good first MP3 Player.

RCA lyra 2840 Real bad problem

It has great Sound quality and massive storage, and a great prive, but it’s huge! The sound quality is excellent, however non-OEM headphones pyra out the best sound.

Posted on Tuesday, January 31, – Just try to mess with it don’t be afraid, either way it’s already bad so why not 2480 it a shot!! Having two nearly identical front-panel joysticks was confusing at first.

I didn’t want to spend hundreds more on an iPod or iPod like while I knew that I would not use the extra features. If you rip songs from several cd’s from the same artist the device profiles them alphabetically.

The sound quality and output level of the lrya is very good and there is a ton of accessory that comes with the unit. Posted on Tuesday, July 04, – A quick note here is that using the PC to profile the contents is much faster than actually doing it through the mp3 player.


I knew why because I accidently deleted the lyrasys files so it won’t work. When you Rip music from a cd use the button “find album info” before you rip and make sure everything is right and makes sense. The four rubber 240 on the back panel will be handy in those environments, keeping the Lyra from slipping on hard and smooth surfaces. You may contact him for the problems your are experiencing.

First, you must know that RCA is not supporting this device anymore. I can still play the songs on the player though. You can entertain yourself while camping, studying, or exercising since the Audiovox RCA Lyra RD music player features an ample battery life.

Posted on Saturday, June 04, – It seems that lhra are not a tech guy, maybe you should ask for help before doing this All you have to do now is to upload the latest firmware.

I have found that Windows Media Player is easier to use. The Good Excellent sound; long battery life; 40GB capacity; SmartShuffle mode; on-the-fly playlist creation; inexpensive; full suite of accessories. I use this feature to mark my TOP songs, lyrs can easily be accessed from the “My Like” playlist which is automatically build when you mark a song.


DOS Format command won’t work if files exist on the drive, must be wiped first.

RCA lyra Real bad problem –

Posted on Tuesday, December 27, – Posted on Friday, June 10, – Posted on Tuesday, June 14, – It should save Firmware version 1. RCA It is easy to use and durable. You may also like. You can simply drag and drop your music files onto the lyrra.

RCA Lyra Personal Jukebox RD2840

I think this player is a good buy for people like me who mostly use an MP3 player to store music and use it at home or while having long car ride. Trying to fix a friends jukebox. If your best band is U2 like meyou must either scroll for a while or build a custom playlist to access your files faster.