Set focus to a control which resides on a tabpage of a tabcontrol in a Windows Form. Dialog System application fails with RTS on mfdir2. Error Failed to write the updated manifest to the resource of file. Incorrect SQL statement syntax near: Clear the contents of Listbox and Combobox controls on Windows Forms. All ODBC calls will now be logged to the specified log file. How to build the.

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Failure writing to target file. How to search for a text string through all programs in a Visual Studio project or Solution.

Accessing ODBC Databases from Micro Focus COBOL by using the Server Express OpenESQL Interface

Splitting IIS config file. An improved vt terminfo source file for PuTTY.

Create multiple files with variable length records from a single file description. Exception occurs when native Dialog System program calls managed WinForm. Configure application to find its data files in a different folder than the one in which it is running.


Visual Studio compatibility issues after installation. This group requires membership for participation – click to join.

Relativity and ODBC connections

Specify a copyfile extension of none in Visual Studio To quote a phrase, “There are no user serviceable part inside. What are you trying to accomplish?

How to package Dialog system screenset. Empty indexed file still contains some data. Debugging remote projects where source and executables are on different machines. It would appear that the previous solution encountered the same issues with ADO that Relativity did, and they solved it with a separate DLL.

Accept Cursor causes an error E Reserved word missing or incorrectly used.

NET managed code application to run from network server. Installation fails with Error 0xbc7. Reload the project for more information.

Relativity and ODBC connections – Visual COBOL – Forum – Visual COBOL – Micro Focus Community

Variable to fixed length file conversion. NET Web application strange compile errors occur. Stack Overflow Error in native Cobol. Unable to set mixrofocus Just-In-Time debugging options. That makes things clearer with the Data Client. Remove leading space in textbox control. Overlay multiple panels on a Windows Form using User Controls.


Error seen when activate our Cobol Runtime licenses via their Proxy Server. Fileshare service does not start automatically after reboot. Problem with Windows Forms application not scaling properly when displayed on different screen resolutions.

Other trademarks and registered coobl appearing on easysoft.

Setup ODBC driver tracing

Trap function keys pressed on a Windows Form. This is what I see and I just need direction is what to share with my developer that is relavant. This group requires membership for participation – click to join. In reply to CliffS: What are pre-authorised licenses?

Relativity Designer driver with the following dll files – obviously some of them are internal for compiling and creating the file layouts.