You can find the patch here. Launchpad Janitor janitor wrote on When, for some reason, the modules are gone deleted, overwritten with “sudo make install” U can put them back in their places. However, in my case it wasn’t necessary to manually load the module. It looks like, if I’m disconecting the stick during the downloading of the firmware, next time I connect it, it’s good: Whats the output of dmesg after you plug in the stick? You just have to change the Makefile to include the appropriate kernel version and then run

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Anybody who owns such a device is welcome to replace my rant with more solid information.

Basically they are selling a completely different device but don’t bother to change the name on the box. Maybe somebody recognizes the actual problem. Click to checkout or to view digiivox amend items. This page was last modified on 27 Aprilat Now everything seems to work seamlessly.

I couldn’t fix it. I have no idea, what the problem may be or how to give further informations. I think some developer should take a look at this.


This is the newest in the list of MSI’s sins against computer users. There’s a patch of 9th of September adding support for the device 1d I forgot to “cd af” in step 4. This steps worked for me: Search in TV Streamers only. Several versions of the firmware can be found here.

MSI DigiVOX mini II USB 2.0 DVB-T Receiver

Thanks for your help! First check if your stick really needs this module and not another. Do you know something I could additionally try? Just plug it in and see what dmesg on a console says.

There now seems to be some support for the RTL version.

MSI DigiVOX mini II USB DVB-T Receiver – Aria PC

It should offer you an option ” to download and install the firmware for DVB-T hardware. Why not call the new ones “V3. If this is succesful you should get something like this on sudo lsmod grep af Manually, this is done by the command as root:. Views Iii View source View history.


The firmware ‘dvb-usb- digivox- Maybe a new installation would solve it, ksi it did for CypherDelic, but it should be an easier way, since this problem seems to be solved. Recommended by Andy D.

I found out that I have to try several times, until the stick is initialized. It looks like, if I’m disconecting the stick during the downloading of the firmware, next time I connect it, it’s good:. The difference in dmesg is: Kernel team bugs That problem seemed to be fixed by updating to a 3. USB disconnect, address 9 [ Doesnt work on Vista 64b That would at least help to distinguish which of those devices you got. When I Plug in the stick, all I get with lsusb is this line: