See the connection diagram. This router supports three type of WiFi security modes. It dose not matter that how much bandwidth your are getting it depends on you internet plan you are using 1mbps,2mbps,4mbps…….. You might have also faced the similar problem. If you are facing any problems in configuration part please share the same through comments.

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But that doesn’t completely cover my house so thought of getting another used Mbps router. If you are getting the result mtnp to the screenshot below, it shows your router is properly connected to PC.

You can connect the parallel telephone instruments to the phone output of the splitter if required. You must log in or register to reply here. Your telephone line must be terminated to the ADSL splitter first.

I was doing the same research as the ‘trusty’ MTNL router has started to dysfunction and I finally was able to get my exchange to switch me to 8Mbps plan so need full home coverage. Especially the name Asus rtn13u crops up frequently.

If you are facing any problems mtnk configuration part please share the same through comments. Through the Bandwidth control option, you can very easily and flexibly allocate bandwidth for each client machines.


I have a hall with a passage and a room where my desktop is installed. Forums New posts Search forums Subscribe.

D-Link Wireless N Nano USB adapter feature, price and review

Zyxel Prestige H 5. So thought about starting this thread and sharing info. Thread starter varun chitalia Start date Dec 24, TD-W However from day one the internet keeps getting disconnected. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

ADSL Routers For BSNL/MTNL Connection

Figure shows the Wireless Security configuration page. Is it possible to connect with Cable Internet also right? Seems v1 and v2 have openwrt support. It dose not matter that how much bandwidth your are getting it depends on you internet plan you are using 1mbps,2mbps,4mbps…….

Wireless Multi Function Broadband Router with USB Port | DIGISOL

This router supports three type of WiFi security modes. Nothing should be connected in this line before splitter. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Buy hsb cheap DSL Modem standalone. PSK password — This is the password used for authentication.

Through this indicates you can see the status of Link, Connections, WiFi and internet connectivity.

Click the Add New button for making a new rule. Maximum character limit is The other option would be to use a repeater which will increase the Wi-Fi range and you will get the signal comfortably in any corner of your house without bothering about the angle. Thanks, for such an informative session. Flipkart Amazon Snapdeal Infibeam All these models are between the price range of – Personally I am most likely going for W but if you find a model with custom firmware support at price upto 3k let me know.


How to configure TP Link TD-W8968 Wireless N ADSL Modem cum Router for BSNL and MTNL

What you get is more range and high speed up to mbps this is the device communicating speed do not confuse it with your broadband speed. If you don’t mind – Why Mbps?

I have purchased TD-w TPlink modem. Do I have ussb change any setting? You are connected with a bandwidth of mbps on your laptop but you are just using ussb, 2mbps,…… what ever you plan is, this means you are not getting a speed of mbps you are just getting your plan speed for example if you have a 1mbps plan your speed is 1mbps not mbps.

Just didn’t find enough info about router with modem combos on the net out there.